Episode 054: How to tell if you're making excuses (so you can finally stop!)

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Excuses, excuses. We're all full of them, and after a while it can become difficult to tell the difference between our excuses and reality. Excuses are very different than explanations. Excuses keep us victims of our own circumstances.

For years, I made excuses for why I wasn't able to get things done the way other people could in various parts of my life. My excuses kept me stuck, but comfortable. This episode is a kick in the butt for anyone that wants to break free of the excuse-making cycle and take control of their own life.



  • What an excuse really is and why most of us are making them subconciously
  • The forms excuses can take, including the M word: manipulation
  • How our excuses keep us in victim mode and why I wanted to work so hard to get out of it!
  • The true difference between excuses and explanations 
  • How you can live your life excuse-free and in complete control


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