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Time to clean like a team, mama.

Choose the time that works for you and join me in this globally popular class, friend
(with a replay available because #momlife)


Don't worry if trying to get your kids to do their chores is about as easy for you as stringing wet spaghetti through a straw. I've been there and this class was created for you.

You deserve some help around here, friend.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes many families are making around chore management and why it's costing you a whole lot of precious time.
  • How to delegate and get your kids started at any age without the constant feeling of nagging (amen to that, right?)
  • Why chore charts and checklists are only half of the solution (and what can make those cute things finally usable!)
  • 4 simple steps to get the whole family involved and on board with chores and home management so your home can finally run like a well-oiled machine.

Plus, you'll get a special downloadable and printable workbook designed to accompany the class so you can take #allthenotes in one spot and get to implementing pronto. 

Hey friend!

I'm Kendra Hennessy and I l.o.v.e working with moms. I help mamas systemize their cleaning and develop solid routines so that housework doesn't take up the bulk of their time anymore! I am the founder and CEO of Mother Like a Boss and it is my life's mission to help overwhelmed, overburdened mamas find peace in modern homemaking, no matter where they are in their motherhood journey. 
I also happen to be married to a very tall man named Adam and I'm the mom of 2 spunky and adorable kids.

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