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I’ve got great news for you, mama. Your role as reluctant homemaker is over.

Time to step into the household CEO position.

You don't need to become a better homemaker. You just need to learn how to make homemaking better.

 Do you go through these phases where you clean your house and organize everything and then a week later it’s a freakin’ mess again? (Or maybe it doesn’t even last a week…?)

You know that social media pictures aren’t reality, but you sure would like your kitchen to be a little closer to an ideal state. Or your kids’ toys to not take up quite as much of your entire home.

Most of us aren’t interested in daily ironing and baking from scratch on the regular, but feeling like you have it together would be pretty nice.

What if you sat down to a hot cup of coffee in the morning, looked around your house and you didn’t feel an ounce of overwhelm?

What the whaaaat!?

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Homemakerish U is a DIY, self-paced digital course for the modern mom who wants to end her position as reluctant homemaker and step into the role of household CEO

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You may have seen a blogger or course that promises to get your home life on point, but I come at this whole thing from a very different standpoint. I will teach you strategy AND mindset rather than just throwing a bunch of tips at you that you’ve probably heard before already.

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Basically, this isn’t just a checklist, it’s a reframe.

You’re gonna have to think about this whole part of your life differently if you want it to work differently.


And what you will walk away with is invaluable.

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Alright, I’m in!
So how much?

You can grab the entire course, lifetime access, all the bonus content + access to the insanely valuable Facebook group for only $197


The total value of this course is over $2000. Homemakerish U meets you where you are in motherhood. You don’t have to be at a certain “level” of motherhood to get value here. This isn’t a Super Mario Bros. Wherever you are right now, however many kids you have (or still plan to have) whatever level of overwhelm and stress you have, this programs comes to you at that level and helps you reach your household goals with more ease and purpose.

When you enroll now, you get access to these mega exclusive bonuses!

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Access to the 2018 “live round” call recordings. This live round has already happened, but you get access to the amazing recordings, Q&A and workbook.
Plus…a little birdy told me we’ll be doing it again in 2019 and all students get free access!

A $1200 value for FREE

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Drowning in stuff? Allie Casazza, blogger, podcast host, minimalism expert and my biz bestie is offering this exclusive decluttering and minimalism Q&A class recording just for Homemakerish U students. 

A $500+ value for FREE

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No more worry over meal plans and theme nights. You're getting access to this exclusive meal planning bonus from Angie Trueblood to take your boring theme nights to the next level! 

A $50+ value for FREE

Watch the video below to see how Brandy’s home has changed since joining Homemakerish U

“I am absolutely loving Kendra's Homemakerish U course! Kendra breaks everything down into baby steps that build on each other to make BIG changes! In just a few weeks I have made serious progress in changing my mindset and creating attainable goals with Kendra's easy to follow course. Anyone can do this; she makes it so easy! Kendra is amazing at keeping in touch and answering every. single. question. It is freeing up more time for LIVING life rather than being constantly behind on housework!”

-Kerri G.

You're also getting a ton of course bonuses thrown in, too!

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Watch the video below to see why a professional organizer decided to join Homemakerish U and how it’s given her more peace in her home

How will all the magic be delivered? 

Homemakerish U is made up of 12 value-packed and self-paced modules. Most of the content is delivered in an audio format so that you can easily listen anywhere or listen while you DO the training. Additional content is video and pdf-based. 

There is also a plentiful and ever-growing bonus section filled to the brim with lessons, PDFs and videos to take this program to the next level.

Not gonna lie – it’s gonna be pretty rad and I really want you in on there.

If within 14 days you feel like it’s not for you, I have a money-back guarantee. But what I don’t guarantee is results without doing the work. I will show up 150% for you, but I need you to do the same on your end. Deal? 

Wanna catch a sneak peek inside? Take a tour of the course below!

Meet your Homemakerish U cruise director

Hey girl, I'm Kendra Hennessy and I a mom who’s been through the ringer and back again. Now, I want to shorten your time in Chaosville by giving you all the lessons I had to learn the hard way. 

There was a time when I thought this Mommy Gig was easy as pie because I was blessed with that stereotypical angelic first child. (You know – the one that tricks you into having more kids because you think you SO have it under control!?) 

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Yeah…then I had my second child. And I was a little lost and nearly went crazy. I was super anxious, had no routine that worked anymore and had daily thoughts of, “I can’t do this” and “I’m not a good mom.” 

But then I put my big girl pants on, worked through my crap, learned some game-changing systems and now my life is SO much more manageable and dare I say…ultimately enjoyable! 

Being a mom of two littles and having run a successful cleaning business for 10 years, I have the background and experience to help you implement some systems AND thought processes that have the capability to really turn everything around for you. I know because it did exactly that for me!

If she can do it, so can you!

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"The day I first "met" Kendra on a webinar was the day I should have been on my way home from vacation. Instead I was crying on the floor because I was tired of having sick kids and all that it entails. I got on the webinar and somehow just knew things were going to get better. I was right. She's like your best friend who doesn't sugar coat it, is supportive, and is always there if you need her. The course is life changing. I will never see my house the same way again!"

-Coreen Katchermeyer

“Before, I felt like I was waging war on my house.”

Watch Meghan’s story below



The investment for Homemakerish U



3 payments of $70







So what are you waiting for?

Look, if you spend your nights nonstop #pinterestscrolling, but looking at your actual house and thinking about your actual schedule is legit daunting, I think we should switch it around. Your house and your schedule should feel #pinterestworthy. Let’s get it there, girl! 


And because I want everyone to feel safe with their investment...

There is a 14-day refund policy.

I know in some instances, it just isn’t for you, but know that you have to make the effort in order to make it work. If you put in the work, listen to the lessons and give it an honest try and it still doesn’t work you, just email us for a full refund.


Frequently asked questions:

How long do I have access to the course?

How about for-ev-er. As long as the course is still alive and breathing, it is yours. As new content and bonuses are added, you get it all. If the price goes up, you don't pay any extra.

When does the course start?

Right now! This is a self-paced course, so as quickly as you enroll, you will be granted access to everything. 

How much work will be involved?

I’d love to tell you that if you watch all the videos, read all the training literature, participate in the group and sleep with the PDFs under your pillow, that your life will magically change for the better, requiring no work on your part, but that’s a bunch of bologna. And I hate bologna. Yuck. It’s not even meat. The truth is, there is some work that you’ll have to do, but no more than you are already doing. The reason this course is so wonderful is because it teaches you the tools, strategies and mindset shifts that, if implemented, will make your life easier and more joyful. You will have to commit a bit of time to watching, learning and then implementing, but remember that you can go as slowly or quickly as you like. If you can only watch and implement 1 video a week, girl, that is okay. The course isn't going anywhere and each step you make gets you closer to where you want to be. It's an ongoing process.

I work outside the home. Would this course still work for me?

Absolutely! I have been a working mom since I became a mom, so that is what I know. I also stayed home for a bit after my son was born, and then slowly got back into my business, so I have lived both lives. This course works whether you work outside the home, inside the home, stay at home to raise your babes, own a business, have a side hustle or anything in between. It is meant to show you the strategies and techniques you can use to uniquely shape your own schedules and routines that fit your family.

What is your refund policy?

We do offer a 14-day refund. If you give it your honest try, listen to the lessons and actually do the work and still find that it doesn’t work you, just email us for a refund. But here’s a bit a truth not many want to here: there are no guarantees because the progress is all up to you. I’ve put in the work to make this the best course it can possibly be, but once you enroll, the ball is in your court. This isn’t a magic pill.

What if I'm still not sure?

I don't want you jumping into anything without being 100% sure. If you have an questions please feel free to email me at info@kendrahennessy.com and someone from our team will be happy to answer all your questions within 48 hours.