Episode 045: Setting boundaries like a mother

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I see you over there, mama. Guilt-ridden every time you say no and always want to please others. You wonder how you can feel better about what you say yes to and how you can live a life that feels more joy-filled and less resent-driven. The answer is boundaries.

I am what I like to call a "boundary ninja" but it hasn't always been that way. I spent many years of my life letting people in my business and personal life walk all over me for fear of stepping up and saying no. A boundary is the ultimate show of love, as you can say yes and be open wholeheartedly without resentment or anger. 

This episode is all about helping you build your emotional fence high enough so that the only people coming in are the ones you have allowed. 


  • The true meaning of boundaries as they apply to your mom life.
  • Where I used to fall short with setting boundaries in my own life.
  • The reasons boundaries are so hard for moms to set (and how to get past that)
  • How you can get started right now by setting boundaries that will allow you to live a joyful life free from resentment and guilt.                                                                                                                


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