Ep. 148: How to deal with criticism and negativity


I have to admit that it feels like we're drowning in negativity these days and moms are getting the brunt of it. Everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your children and live your life, but are all opinions bad? Is all criticism negative? And how to be sift through the opinions without feeling worse about ourselves?

I'm opening up today about the negativity and criticism I receive in my business and how I've learned to deal with the so-called "haters." What I really want you to take from this episode is how you, the mom who just wants to live her life and love her children, can deal with criticism being hurled your way and decide which is constructive and which is just judgy negativity.

During today’s episode, I also list a series of qualifying questions I go through whenever I feel the critical eye upon me. Here are those questions for your reference:

  • Do I know them?

  • Do they know me?

  • Do I respect them or their opinion?

  • Is their opinion or criticism related to something I’m interested in changing?

  • If this came from someone else, would I feel differently?

  • Why is this triggering me?


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