Episode 024: How to build financial freedom for your family w/ Micala Quinn

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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to stay home with your babies and provide financial freedom for your family? Maybe you've dreamed of having a business on the side to bring in extra cash while staying home to raise the kids or homeschool. My guest today is here to give you the deets on how that's possible.

Micala Quinn from Live Free Mama is here to share her story of quitting her job to be home with her kids and finding a new endeavor in virtual assisting which helped her bring in money for her family. She now helps other moms do the same. This is highly valuable for any mamas out there that think they don't have any skills to share with the world. Micala and I are here to prove to you it's possible, for anyone. 


  • Where Micala started and how she got involved in what she does now.
  • How moms can break free from the lack mindset of "I don't have any skills to share. I can't make money online."
  • What virtual assisting is and how it helped Micala build a business and brand.
  • Why online business is so conducive to mom life.



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