Episode 014 : Healthy boundaries at the dinner table and helping your kids eat more veggies with Jen Zils

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For some of us moms, getting your kids to eat vegetable is equivalent to threading a wet noodle through a straw. It just ain't happening. Luckily, Jennifer Zils from Kids Eat Vegetables is here today with some simple, actionable ways we can introduce our children to veggies without the fuss and fighting.

We also have a wonderful discussion about the importance of setting boundaries at the dinner table and how they can become life lessons for everyone in the house. 


  • Why boundaries are really life lessons
  • How she starts setting boundaries at the dinner table by starting in the grocery store.
  • How to set up new boundaries and routines when it comes to bringing about healthy change in your family.
  • Her genius trick for introducing veggies to your kids at the right time (so they won’t whine that they are hungry at bedtime)
  • Some of her favorite healthy snacks that won’t make it hard to feed your kids between meals
  • Setting the example for your kids
  • Jen's go-to tip for getting started and why making the decision to change is a step most parents are missing.


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Her website: http://kidseatvegetables.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kidseatvegetables

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