Episode 006: Effortless vacation planning with Lauren Copeland

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When was the last time you planned a vacation and thought, "Well, that was easy!" For me, the answer is probably never. I never seem to know exactly what destination is best, where to get the best deal or how to make sure we plan our family trip around something everyone will enjoy.

I am thrilled to have Lauren Copeland on the show today is discuss how to more effortlessly plan your family vacation. Lauren is a master at teaching parents how to build the confidence they need to plan fun, relaxing, memorable vacations with their families. Besides being lovely and sweet as pie, Lauren also has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with us here.


  • How Lauren has taken her previous life coaching experience and brought it to the travel industry by instilling confidence in parents who want to plan fun, relaxing vacations with their families
  • Lauren and I discuss our feelings on "information overload" when it comes to vacation planning, but especially for Disney travel.
  • What it means to leave room in your itinerary for "spontaneous" fun. 
  • Lauren's best tips for planning your vacation with confidence and ease.


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