The ultimate Libman cleaning bundle and how you can win one

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This is a sponsored post from The Libman company. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...and now the fire is making it extra dusty in here and we’re supposed to be having company over tomorrow. How am I going to get all this dust off walls and floors? And why is the kitchen floor so sticky?”

If moms wrote honest Christmas songs, I bet that’s how it would go. Although this is the time of year when we are taught to be grateful and joyous, being the one in charge of the home and all the things that go into keeping it clean can make you feel like a real Scrooge. Fortunately, cleaning up during the holidays doesn’t have to be such a dirty job. Step 1: Start using the right products.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I have my go-to products and tools. These are the things I used to make my cleaning business the best it could be and what I recommend to all moms to make cleaning easier. I’m a big believer in using quality products that make cleaning seem less labor-intensive, because the easier the cleaning is, the more likely you are to get it done.

One of the products I have used and recommended for 12 years straight is the Libman Wonder Mop. Whether it’s in one of my online courses, on live videos, in blog posts or just talking to friends, I have never recommended anything different for mopping, because the Wonder Mop has treated me (and the floors I cleaned them with) so well over the years. When I find something that works, I stick with it, which is why I was so thrilled to be partnering with The Libman Company this holiday season.

If you’re not familiar with The Libman Company, allow me to introduce you. This family-owned company has been around for over 120 years. You read that correctly. For over a century, they have been providing solid, useful, easy cleaning products and tools to the market. What began as an endeavor to make to most-durable wire-wound corn brooms has expanded to a mission to provide households with the finest mops, brooms, brushes and cleaning tools. It is this mission and their commitment to quality that has drawn me to them for so long and makes me even more excited for this holiday partnership.

We’re all expecting this holiday season to be filled with joy, the spirit of giving and family, but unfortunately, the dirt won’t be taking a vacation.  That’s why The Libman Company and I have partnered to help you make this season easier, at least in the cleaning department. We can’t guarantee that you Aunt Stella won’t try to force-feed you her infamous fruitcake, but we can give you the tools and guidance to clean up before she arrives with less time and effort.

Over the next few weeks, my blog posts will be dedicated to showing you how you can simplify cleaning in your home during the holidays and dominate as a homemaker. There is enough stress this time of year with shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, visiting and traveling. Giving your home that clean feeling shouldn’t be another stressor. I want to make it easy and so does The Libman Company. So, we’re holding a giveaway for you and giving 9 lucky winners a prize pack from Libman worth over $75.

And because I want you to not only use these fabulous products, but learn how to manage your home all around, the top 2 winners will also receive free enrollment to my signature course, Homemakerish U.

Now that’s a happy holiday!

So what’s included in this fabulous bundle from Libman?

That’s just about everything you need to give your house a pretty good once-over and my favorite part of their products? The mop heads are washable, not to mention durable. You don’t need to keep investing in disposable heads or cloths. Just wash and reuse. Easy peasy.

Speaking of simple, the Freedom Mops are so easy and light, a kid can use them. No, seriously. These are the perfect tools to get your kids started with their chores or uplevel the ones they have now.

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Why will this cleaning bundle rock your world? Because having the right tools and supplies is one of the biggest factors in simplifying your household chores. I spent the first 2 years in my cleaning business using cheap tools and didn’t put much thought at all into how they made my life (or the job) easier. A construction worker doesn’t use a dollar store hammer to build a house. First of all, does the dollar store even sell hammers? And second, a cheap tool that wasn't meant to do that job will make it more laborious. The same goes for cleaning tools.

You want to use tools that are easy to use, were meant to stand up to repeated use, don’t require a lot of upkeep and get the job done the first time. Is there anything worse than using a mop that just pushes the dirt around, had a handle that is hard to grip and breaks after 5 uses? No thanks. That’s the reason I have stuck with Libman for so long. Durable, easy, does the job on try #1.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, I’ve made it easy for you to enter the giveaway. Just click here, enter your name and email address and voila!

Because it is the season of giving, I'm giving you extra ways to enter by sharing on social media. The more places you share, the more you're entered.

Here are the deets: The giveaway begins Wednesday November 29, 2017 at 9:00am EST and ends December 21, 2017 at 9:00pm EST. The giveaway is open to legal US residents over 18 years of age. I will be announcing the winners on a special Facebook live on Friday, December 22 at 1pm EST, so be sure to mark it in your calendars and like my page here to keep up with this special blog post series and videos.  All winners will receive an email on that date as well. Want some great cleaning tips? Be sure to follow The Libman Company on Facebook. For more details, terms and rules, click here.


Good luck, mama!