Episode 067: Creating an intentional book shelf w/ Samantha Munoz


There is no denying the power of literature and reading as it applies to raising our kiddos, but how many of us are thinking about this intentionally? How many of us parents are looking to build intentional bookshelves for our children that mirror the values we want to instill in them?

I'm pleased to have Samantha Munoz of Addison Reads on the show to discuss the importance of cultivating a purposeful library in our homes and how literature can help us with a myriad of parenting issues. Samantha is throwing down her best tips and tricks for choosing books that light you up and how to organize them without the need for expensive shelves and decor.


  • How Samantha began using literature to teach values in your home and how you can do the same.

  • What it means to truly have an intentional bookshelf

  • Some best practices for organizing your books



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