Episode 049: M-Lab Session with Sarah Humes

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We're doing things a little different this summer when it comes to interviews. Rather than bring on an expert in a particular field, I invited real moms with real struggles to come on the show to share with us what they are going through in motherhood and at home. Sometimes, just hearing another mom ask a question that you've always had is exactly the thing you need to motivate you toward change and improvement.

Today I have Homemakerish U student Sarah Humes on the show and we're getting really real about her struggles with perfectionism and decision making. We dive into the real causes of perfectionism, how to make better decisions each day that will get you toward your goals and how to go about preparing your home and family for an upcoming busy season.

Join us for the very first M-Lab session.


  • Sarah's lifelong struggle with perfectionism and how it's manifested in her home.

  • How to work with the outcome in mind to make more progress.


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Sarah is the mom of two kids-Micah, 12 and Lydia, 9. Her husband works LONG hours outside of the home and she also has her mom living with them in the home. Sarah is very intentional about her time and energy and loves to focus on business and friends. This last year has been such a challenge with starting a business, balancing that with motherhood and then having a series of very scary health challenges.


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