Episode 030: Making self-care a part of your life with Shelly Robinson

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We live in a time where there is (thankfully) a lot of talk about self-care. But what happens when you're in a mom that's not into pedicures and massages? How do you make sure you are taken care of? I had the pleasure of interviewing Shelly Robinson from Alively and I know you will fall in love with her as much as I have. 

As the founder of Alively, a self-care subscription box, Shelly is on a mission to spread hope and wellness to moms so that they know down to their core that they are worthy of a happy, purposeful life. 

We're discussing how to put yourself first as a mama in traditional and non-traditional ways and how to create a mindset of worthiness so you can be the best for everyone else. 


  • How Shelly got started as a health coach and how that has influenced what she does for mamas today 
  • What it means to be in self-care "debt" and how to be sure you don't end up there.
  • Some non-traditional and simple ways to create a self-care regimen that fills your cup daily. 
  • All the details on a special mother's day giveaway from Alively and how you can enter to win over $750 win prizes! Click here to enter and for all the details.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alivelybox/

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