My favorite tools: How to make the holidays easier in your home (and cleaner, too!)

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This is a sponsored post from The Libman Company. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

Just because it’s the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t mean there isn’t still a whole boatload of work that needs to be done at home. From the decorating to the wrapping to the baking to the many, many events and parties, it’s a lot to keep straight.

As I’ve said many times before, your tools and supplies make a big difference in how you run your home. Better tools equal better results and this time of year, you don’t have the luxury of wasting any time. You have places to be and gifts to give. So, I’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of my favorite tools to use during the holidays to make the management of your home simple (or as simple as it can be with little ones running around sugared up on cookies.)

Libman dust mop
I love a good dust mop. No seriously. I know it’s peculiar for a grown woman to profess her love for a dust mop, but it has made my life (and cleaning) less stressful. Not only does vacuuming your floors increase the likelihood of it becoming scratched, it’s tedious. Sweeping is great for certain situations, but a dust mop is perfect for large areas, especially where you have furniture collecting dust bunnies underneath. The Libman Microfiber Dust Mop is the perfect solution this holiday season. It maneuvers effortlessly, has a removable and washable head and, once again, can be used by a child. I’m all about the delegation during the holidays and beyond!
Pro tip: Remove any loose debris before washing. With the Libman Microfiber Dust Mop you get a specially designed comb with your mop that removes loose debris, pet hair and lint. Um, what? SO cool!

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Libman Spin mop
Whether you plan to have a big Christmas shin-dig or will be spending the holiday season with your kiddos at home, the floors are bound to look pretty rough around this time of year. Between the snow, the salt, the mud and then the sprinkle, sugar and flour, floors are the one place I recommend tackling as often as you can so they don’t become an unmanageable mess. Get yourself a Libman Spin Mop and make it a breeze. Not only is the Spin Mop affordable, it’s easy to use for everyone (ya, kids included. Score!) and has washable mops heads. You can decide how much water you use on the floor by how much water you spin out of it. That’s a whole lot easier than other mops that just push the dirty water around.
Pro tip: If you’re finding your floors are especially greasy or dirty, try a bit of dish soap in the water. It cuts through the grease without leaving a film or damaging your floors. Just a touch though! You don’t need anymore than that.

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What’s that? You’ve never heard of Trello? Oh girl, are you in for a treat. Trello is an online collaboration tool that organizes everything, and I mean everything, in your life. Whether you’re trying to organize a big work project or want to keep track of what presents you’ve purchased and wrapped, Trello does it. It keeps everything at a glance in lists that are easy to manage. You can even share your ideas and boards with others, which makes it perfect for projects for work, school, the PTA, home, etc. You can even use it to keep track of your cleaning routine and your cleaning supplies.
Pro tip: Download the app on your phone so you can keep track of everything on the go.

Google calendar
I would be lost without my Google calendar. I can keep my entire schedule at the tip of my fingers at all times, which is necessary during this extremely busy time. Between the parades, the parties, the pageants and the present purchasing, I’m lucky I remember my name. With Google calendar, I am able to keep everything straight, with color-codes.
Pro tip: Use the share feature to share it with your spouse so he won’t “forget” what’s going on. Anything to avoid those last-minute panicked texts, am I right?

Large wall calendar with colored pens
Yes, another calendar. Even though I live and die by my online calendar, I still love a wall calendar to keep everything straight. It is perfect for our kids, who can look at it to see what’s coming up. Use different colored pens for each person in the family to make it simple at a glance. There isn’t a particular brand that is better than another. Find one that fits your home and your family.
Pro tip: Keep your calendar in an area that it will be viewed often. Don’t keep it in an office or inside the pantry if you know no one will ever view it there. Create an eye-catching command center area with your calendar viewable for your family.

While this doesn’t exactly keep my home “clean”, it does help me when I’m cleaning, or wrapping, or driving back and forth to the many places I need to be this December. Spotify is a digital music services that gives you access to millions of songs. You can listen to playlists or make your own. You can listen to instrumental Christmas tunes, or 90’s rap. I am all for something that keeps me entertained and motivated to do things that I may not want to do. If cleaning isn’t your thing, get a subscription to Spotify, pump the tunes and get to work.
Pro tip: Create playlists that your kids will love to get them motivated to help, too.

Plastic totes and address labels
I store everything for the holidays in plastic totes and have for 12 years. I realize this isn’t anything new or revolutionary, but I’m amazed at how many people are disorganized with their decorations and wrapping supplies because their scattered in bags and cardboard boxes. I am all for labeling and I recommend getting either a good label maker or using good old fashioned printer address labels. These are pretty inexpensive and easy to see and read on your totes.
Pro tip: Wondering where you’re going to put your regular decor when your Christmas decorations are up? Put them in your Christmas totes. When you take out your Christmas decorations, put your “regular” decor in the empty totes. They are out of the way and will be easy to find when you’re ready to put the Christmas decor away.

Microfiber cloths
Whether you want to dust the mantle or clean your bathroom, microfiber cloths are seriously the bees knees. They are useful and promote a more green method of cleaning as you use far less paper towels. You can find them at just about any store, but Libman makes some excellent cloths. Microfiber, all purpose, dusting, sponge cloths, kitchen cloths, you name is. Their site even has experts tips on how to use them.
Pro tip: Keep a small waste basket in your kitchen or under the kitchen sink for used clothes. When it’s full, throw them in the washing machine together. This prevents dirty, wet cloths from sitting on your counter.


Good quality sponges
Just like most cleaning tools, not at sponges are created equal. Cheap sponges fall apart, leave residue and remnants and don’t do the job you need them to do. I love sponges not only for cleaning the dishes, but for scrubbing sticky and greasy countertops and cleaning the microwave (with no muscle, either. Just soak the sponge in water and “cook” for 60 seconds and let the steam do the work for you) Libman has a line of fabulous sponges for all of those uses, not to mention the Big Scrub Brush which can be used to clean the bathroom tub, kitchen tile backsplash, textured tile floor OR to remove hair from your upholstery. Uses galore!
Pro tip: Use different colored sponges for different jobs. Have a sponge for your counters, one for the bathroom and one for the dishes. This prevents cross-contamination and just makes you feel better about how clean everything is.

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