Video Blog: How to organize and store the piles of papers and artwork that come home from school


Here we go again. The summer has been filled with warm trips to the beach, backyard fires and s'mores. There was some chaos amidst the lack of routine, but it was fun. It was exciting. It was free of unnecessary paperwork. And now, seemingly as quickly as the summer started, it has ended and back to school time is upon us and with that, the descent of all the paper, projects and artwork, in droves.

Alright, so that sounded a bit dramatic but then again, is it? The projects and artwork and papers and homework and worksheets and workbooks and doodles and collages and cut outs and coloring sheets and some weird piece of paper made into a fan. It never ends. It just keeps coming home and you’re left wondering “Are there any trees left in the world? Do I now have every sheet of paper even manufactured inside my house?” It’s too much and no wonder that moms become stressed at the mere thought of what to do with it all.

In this episode of The Homemakerish Show (you can go here to view episodes and get notifications when new ones are happening) we had a discussion about this paper and artwork conundrum we find ourselves in as moms. Do we keep it? Will we need it? But he spent so long doodling that circle, I can't throw it away? Here are so tips, tools and recommendations to help make this school year less of a battle with the paperwork.

cleanit3 (1).png

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