Homemaking is a necessary part of life and here, we believe in helping you get your homemaker "ish" together.

Homemaking is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s more than the cleaning, the cooking, the never-ending snacks and the household organization. Homemaking is about cultivating a home that feels inspired, that feels safe, that feels like the warmest place in the world to you and your family, perfection not needed. There is no one single way to make your home and here at Mother Like a Boss, we’re passionate about empowering you with the tools to manage and make your home with confidence (and with the help of everyone else in the house, too.)

Watch the video to hear my mission and heart for helping moms and why I'm so passionate about spreading the message of positive motherhood and modern homemaking.

Here at Mother Like a Boss, our heart and soul centered mission is...

  • To give moms a place to rest their (figurative) head when they are exhausted and almost always covered in something sticky

  • To provide quality information and resources

  • To always provide help without judgement. Truth and sometimes a bit or sarcasm, but never judgement.

  • To shine a light on modern homemaking in a way that makes us feel empowered rather than burdened.

  • To make the mundane and often stressful tasks and chores in the house seem simple and approachable through realistic tips and strategies.

  • To give reluctant homemakers a place to be honest and open and feel welcome rather than criticized.

  • To end the antiquated notions about what it means to be a mom and a homemaker.

  • To show that organization doesn’t have to be something you’re born with a knack for. It can be taught and embraced through systems. Easy systems that don’t make you want to pull your hair out.

  • To show moms that they are worthy of investing in themselves, either with money or time.

  • To eliminate the modern day mommy martyrdom by realizing we don’t have to do it all, be it all or have it all in order to feel like we’re enough.

A little about me

Hi friend!


I’m Kendra Hennessy, a home management expert and positive motherhood enthusiast. I’m also the founder of Mother Like a Boss and host of the podcast by the same name. I’m on a mission is to redefine homemaking in the 21st century and make the difficult and tedious parts of running your home smoother through systems, routines and mindset shifts.

I didn’t always have my homemaker-ish together. In fact, I struggle silently for years and it all came to a screeching halt after the birth of my son in 2013. I suffered hard from postpartum anxiety and felt the unbearable weight of being a mother, a wife, a business owner and a homemaker on my shoulders. How was I supposed to do it all and be it all? How did other moms do it with more than one kid? At the time, I was 7 years into owning and running my own cleaning business and I felt like a failure as my own home fell into disarray around me.

It short, it was a big mindset shift and new routines that helped me to define what true home management meant for my family.

I had to move away from the burden of perfectionism and embrace homemaking for what it truly was: a cultivation of joy and peace in my home, with my kids and with my husband.

As I slowly started to feel more joy in my own home, I simultaneously noticed the stress radiating from my cleaning clients. There they were, shelling out great money for a house cleaner only to have it feel like more a burden than a relief. When I started to dig deeper, I found that the underlying cause of so much mom stress is our inability to manage our homes from the top down.

There is no handbook, no instructional manual, no guide for running a home and caring for our children. Modern women have more information at our fingertips than ever before and at the same time, feel lonelier and more overwhelmed.

I started Mother Like a Boss as a lifejacket to those moms, as a way to fully empower women to embrace the gift of homemaking without needing to be a servant to their homes or families.

Mother Like a Boss is here for the married moms and the single moms. We serve the new moms and veteran moms. We embrace your choice to work or stay home. At the end of the day, we’re all different and yet all the same. My mission is to meet you where you are in motherhood, hold space for you and give you the tools to transform how you feel in your home. It’s your sanctuary and it should feel like one.

On the personal side of things, I live in upstate NY with my husband of 11 years, Adam and our ntwo spunky kiddos, Ava (11) and Everett (5.) I’m a Girl Scout co-leader, a coffee junkie and can usually be found in my off time binge watching The Office or Jersey Shore. I’m classy. I love autumn, I love waffles, I love scifi movies and 90’s rap. Most of all, I love being a mom and love that in this modern age, I get to choose to be the kind of mom I want to be, the kind of mom I’m called to be.

I hope to help you do the same.