YAY! You are officially enrolled in
Homemakerish U!

You have made such a wonderful decision to invest in yourself, friend. But what now? I want to be sure that you're set up for immediate success, so I have laid out exactly how to log in to the course.

I've also thrown in Go Organize Yourself! as a bonus course and when you enroll using the instructions below, you will see that as well. It is a separate course that you will have access to as soon as you enroll with the instructions below. You can access it any time. Enjoy, friend!

Any and all other bonus material can be found right inside the course. I've made the modules as detailed as possible so you can find what you need, but there is a lot of material and you may need to scroll to find it. Be assured, it is ALL there. 

All you have to do is read the quick instructions below.

Please read and follow them carefully before emailing. Most questions can be answered right here!

You will use this link to sign-in: https://mother-like-a-boss.thinkific.com/users/sign_in

If you already have an account with my school, either for free courses or paid (maybe you are a Mother Like a Boss vault member or have another course), use the password you have. You MUST use the email address you just purchased with. If the account you have with me is under a different email address from the one you JUST purchased with, do not use the old one. Your course will only be found under the email address you just gave for the purchase. It is the only way you will gain access. We can always merge your accounts later if needed.

Your password (should you not already have an account with me) is: hu4432

Once you are logged in, you can change your password in your account settings to anything you like. I advise that you do, just to be super secure. :)

That's it!

You'll be receiving an email shortly as well with all of this information. Be sure to whitelist the email address info@kendrahennessy.com so you don't miss any important updates and course details. 

A few things to keep in mind, my friend.

  1. Be sure to join the Facebook group here. SO MUCH goes down in there, including monthly calls with Kendra. The PASSWORD to join the Facebook group is 555498. While I realize some people choose not to use Facebook, this is where the community is built. You are completely free not to join, but it amps up your success by an incredible amount.

  2. Any bonuses you have been given access to are either inside the course OR you are already enrolled in that course, too. Please check inside the course before emailing with questions. Every module or lesson can’t be at the top, so just scroll and you’ll find it all. I’ve divided the course into modules that make it easy to follow.

  3. There is no time limit on this course. Take it as slow or as fast as you want. There is no such thing as being ahead or behind. This course meets you where YOU are. We’re all on a different journey as moms and managers of our homes, so don’t worry about getting all the things done tomorrow. You have access forever, baby.

  4. Be sure to read and listen to the intro in the course platform, watch the video showing you how to use and navigate the course and the disclaimer. There is some pretty important stuff you need to know before diving in.

If for any reason, you sign up that exact way and do not see the course listed, please email support at info@kendrahennessy.com and we will manually enroll you. Tech is a finicky toddler. It's so cute and we love it, but it also has a knack for throwing tantrums!

You can join the Facebook group here.

This group is a place for you. It is a place for you all to share, ask questions, get feedback, celebrate wins and ask for guidance from one another. I will be popping in regularly to help out and will do a once a month live video to give extra support.

Again, here is the link to log in to the course: https://mother-like-a-boss.thinkific.com/users/sign_in