YAY! You are officially enrolled in
Homemakerish U!

You have made such a wonderful decision to invest in yourself, friend. But what now? I want to be sure that you're set up for immediate success, so I have laid out exactly how to log in to the course. There is a walk-through video and text below that will all of the important steps and links.
BE SURE to watch the video and read the information below as almost all questions can be answered here.

I walk you through it step-by-step. You just have to use a coupon code to gain access since you already purchased. 
The code is: hmkr100mlab

Again, the video explains EXACTLY how to do it. :)

You'll be receiving an email shortly as well with all of this information. Be sure to whitelist the email address info@kendrahennessy.com so you don't miss any important updates and course details. 

Here is the link to access the course: https://mother-like-a-boss.thinkific.com/courses/hu500

Save that link! That is how you will log in and out.

Note that the this is a private link just for students who purchased the way you did, so please do not share it with others. That is against the terms and conditions. The course is "free" to enroll in as you already went through the checkout process. Now, all you need to do is create a username and password. If you already signed up for any paid or free courses with Mother Like a Boss in the past, you can use that one. 

If for any reason, you sign up that exact way and do not see the course listed, please email support at info@kendrahennessy.com and we will manually enroll you. Tech is a finicky toddler. It's so cute and we love it, but it also has a knack for throwing tantrums!

You can join the Facebook group here.

This group is a place for you. It is a place for you all to share, ask questions, get feedback, celebrate wins and ask for guidance from one another. I will be popping in regularly to help out and will do a once a month live video to give extra support.

Again, here is the link to log in to the course: https://mother-like-a-boss.thinkific.com/courses/hu500