Trello for the #homemakerish mom Live Workshop

Because cleaning routines don't have to be a drag.

Sorry you missed this! We will be doing another live workshop in March. 

Save your seat for this value-packed, show-and-tell style workshop designed to help you create your unique house cleaning and home management routines with Trello.

Say "Peace out!" to the paper lists that get lost in your junk drawer, or shoved in a binder that you never look at. Rid yourself of the anxiety-inducing act of setting up a cleaning routine you're not even sure you can stick with.
Make it easy, make it simple. Let's use Trello.

"Um, Kendra...what's Trello?"

Oh, mama. It's only one of the most useful, easy online organizing tools out there. If Trello was a person, she wouldn't just be your best friend, she'd be your personal assistant and wife, too. Trello allows you to set up boards, lists and cards to organize every area of your life, whether your running a business, running a home or just running around with your kids to #allthethings. Trello puts everything at your fingertips, allows you to share with other (hint hint, your husband) and basically organizes and systemizes your entire life. Plus, it's free. Boom!

During this workshop, you'll:

  • See exactly how to get started with Trello, easily and for free.
  • How I organize my family life using it.
  • The exact steps to take when create a routine using Trello.
  • How to create a unique cleaning routine using the features of Trello (hint: there are an infinite amount of ways to use it for your cleaning routine and I am going to walk you through a few of the best)
  • Get access to live Q&A at the end with your truly for even more support and encouragement. 

Don't fret if you can't make it live. There will be a limited time replay. But you need to sign up to get the details and links. 

Truth be told, Trello has saved my booty on more than one occasion. It's where I house all of my home and business schedules, to-do lists, important links and information, work-flows, systems, meal plans, routines and more. Anything I would ever need to remember, ever, is in Trello. While it's amazing and a magical unicorn for organization, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to set your routines up properly. We're going to do it live on this workshop.

No more guessing how to create a cleaning routine that works for your life. No more wondering how to decide how you should set it up. No more writing it all down on a pretty notepad only to have your son leave his fudgesicle on it.