#justcleanit challenge page

Did you miss the email? Did it end up in spam or in the crazy recesses of the internet? No worries! This page is here for you! Each day, along with the email, I will add the prompt here. This makes it easy to see everything in one place. If you joined the challenge after we have begun, you can see exactly what you missed and can jump right in with us.

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Alright, mama. Let's clean it.

Wondering what you’ll need for the challenge? No worries! All you’ll need are you favorite cleaning supplies and tools. What you use is completely up to you. I will give you recommendations of the types of tools and supplies here, but what brands you choose are up to you.

I recommend having:

  • White vinegar

  • Disinfectant

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Dust spray

  • Baking soda

  • Degreaser

  • Dish soap

  • Glass cleaner

  • Microfiber (or similar) cloths

  • Duster, such as a Swiffer

  • Broom

  • Dry duster for floors

  • Spin or wring mop (such as a Wonder Mop)

  • Quality vacuum

  • Magic erasers

  • Sponges

  • Floor cleaner of choice, depending on the type of floors you have

  • Paper towels (if you don’t use rags or cloths)

  • A fun, excited attitude :)

We’ll be getting started November 5

Here is a schedule of what to expect:

Day 1: The kitchen
Day 2: The living room
Day 3: The bedroom
Day 4: The bathroom
Day 5: “All the small things”

Day 1: The Kitchen

It’s day 1 and I am pumped. Yes, I did just say I am pumped to clean, and you should be, too. We are in this together.

So, remember how this works. I am going to give you the list and you choose which fit for you. There is NO right or wrong. There are no “shoulds” here. There is only a choice of what fits your home, your life and your day.

My BEST advice? Don’t let procrastination and perfectionism stop you. Read the list over and grab the first one that catches your eye. Even if that first one takes you 8 minutes….you got it DONE.

Choose at least 5 of these items and get to it, mama!

Use a timer if you have to. Timers are a fantastic motivator.

  • Clean out expired and bad food from the fridge

  • Wipe down refrigerator shelves (warm water and soap works just fine)

  • Declutter countertops

  • Wipe down countertops

  • Clean backsplash

  • Declutter spices and seasonings

  • Wipe down appliances

  • Clean the coffee maker (run water and 1/4 cup white vinegar through a brew cycle, then just a cycle of water as a rinse. About 60 seconds of work on your part and you have a cleaner coffee maker.)

  • De-crumb the toaster

  • Give a quick, damp wipe-down of cabinets (soap and water is all you need)

  • Clean top of fridge

  • Clean dishwasher

  • Dust cobwebs from corners

  • Clean out broiler drawer (a little hot soapy water will do the trick)

  • Clean out junk drawer (YES, you can do this in 5 minutes. Make faster decisions and get rid of things that don’t belong there or are garbage)

  • Declutter printed/handwritten recipes

  • Clean microwave (soak sponge in water and “cook” for 2 minutes. Let it sit for 2-3 additional minutes, then open the microwave and wipe out. This method loosens all of the cooked on food and grease)

  • Dry mop/sweep the floor

  • Wipe down kitchen chairs

  • Wipe down range hood (degreaser or soap and water will remove built-up grease)

  • Make a natural deodorizer with a cup of baking soda and 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils. Put the baking soda in a small glass dish, add the oils and mix gently. Leave out to deodorize the kitchen and keep it smelling lovely. 2 minutes of your time well spent.

My top kitchen cleaning tips:

  • Clutter is the enemy of a clean house. If it is taking you too long to clean, ask yourself, "Is it because I spend all of my time moving junk

  • Use soap and water to clean out your refrigerator. You don’t need anything more fancy than that.

If you want some bonus activities:

  • Pull out the refrigerator and clean the sides and floor underneath

  • Vacuum our lower cabinets and drawers (they get pretty crumby)

  • Clean and degrease the range hood fan

  • Remove the inside parts of the dishwasher and do a deep clean.

Your daily mantra/affirmation

"I started this challenge not to do it perfectly, but to make progress. Every minute I give to this challenge is a minute I made toward progress."

Click the video below for even more inspiration and support.

I'm so proud of you and you should be proud of you, too.

Be sure to hop into the Facebook group and share your amazing progress. You can share before and after photos, ask for support, share your wins, whatever makes you feel good. We're there together for YOU.

Cheering you on,

xo Kendra

Day 2: The Living Room

Hi mama!

We’re on day 2. WOOHOO. How did day 1 go? Feels good to get stuff done, doesn’t it? For me, it felt good to just concentrate of 5 areas of 1 room and then be done. I felt like I made huge progress, even though it only took me about 25 minutes.

Alright, you know the drill. Choose at least 5 of these items and get to it, friend.

Dust the entertainment center
Clean behind furniture
Clean all mirrors and glass
Vacuum out floor heater vents
Dust baseboard heaters
Deodorize carpets with baking soda (the process takes much longer than 5 minutes, but it only takes you 3o seconds to sprinkle baking soda down and another couple of minutes to vacuum it up later. This is a great task to do before you leave for the day. The longer the baking soda sits, the more deodorizing it does)
Declutter books on shelves to be donated or tossed
Vacuum the floors
Remove cobwebs
Vacuum under the couch cushions
Vacuum lamp shades with soft vacuum bristle attachment
Dust baseboards
Declutter for 5 minutes
Tidy movie/DVD area
Dust knick-knacks (this is also a great time to declutter and remove those that don’t serve you or have any purpose in your home)
Wipe down molding in doorways
Wipe down doors, especially near the handles and on the decorative inset areas. (soap and water does the trick)
Dust ceiling fans
Dust blinds (I use a Swiffer dust wand. If they are particularly dusty or dirty, you can remove then, hang them in the shower and spray them down with warm, soapy water. This may take more than 5 minutes, of course. If you have wood or faux wood blinds, a great trick is to cover tongs-yes kitchen tongs-with a cloths. Secure them to each side of the tong with a rubber band and voila. You can “pinch” the blind with the tongs for easy cleaning.)

My top living room cleaning tips:

Use baking soda to deodorize your carpeting and couches, as mentioned above. You can also do this with your couches and chairs
Always spray a cloth, not the furniture with dust cleaner
Use a dusting wand (like a Swiffer) to get into tight areas, like heater grates or behind un-moveable furnishings.

If you want bonus activities, here you go:

Move large pieces of furniture, like entertainment centers. This is great to do when 2 adults are home. There is massive amounts of dust back there. If you’re looking to dive in during this challenge, this is a great place to start.
Move all books, DVDs and knick knacks off of shelves and do a thorough dusting.
Go to town on stains. A great DIY stain remover is 2 parts hydrogen peroxide with 1 part dish soap. Put in a bottle and fill with about a cup of water. Spray the affected areas on carpets and upholstery. The peroxide helps to remove the stain while the dish soap lifts any grease and dirt. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then scrub gently and blot. ALWAYS test a small area before using anything on upholstery or carpets

Your daily mantra/affirmation

"When my living space is clean, I feel relaxed and ready to take on the world.
Today, I will work to surround myself with peace, not chaos."

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Be sure to keep sharing your wins inside the Facebook group, friend. I LOVE reading them and each and every mom in there is being helped because of your continued vulnerability.

Cheering you on, mama
xo Kendra

Day 3: The Bedroom

Hi friend!

We are almost halfway through. You’re doing this and the progress I am seeing is phenomenal!

Today is all about the bedroom. I recommend you focus on the master bedroom, but you can choose a child's room if you like. The master bedroom is often neglected, so I really would push you do put in the effort in your special area today.

There aren't as many places in a bedroom to "clean" as say, a kitchen. There are far more areas and appliances for clean in a "wet" room, like a kitchen or bathroom. Removing junk, clutter and knick knacks is one of the major steps that helps to keep bedrooms clean. If you prefer to spend some of the time decluttering, do it! Whatever is going to give you momentum and give you a feeling of accomplishment is what we are going for here.

You’re a PRO at this now. So, go ahead and choose 5 items and let’s DO this.

Dust the tops AND sides of all end tables and dressers
Declutter the tops of dressers and end tables
Flip the mattress
Clean under the bed (if possible)
Go through your underwear and sock drawer and toss tattered clothes and undergarments.
Clean 1-2 windows (if they pull in and you're able to clean the outside, go for it, girl!)
Wipe down the doors (make sure to pay close attention to the areas around the door handle and any ornate molding. That is where that dust loves to live. Use warm water and soap.)
Clean behind furniture (if it’s moveable, pull it out and give it a quick vacuum/dust. This is a very quick task that is very often neglected)
Do a 5-minute closet cleanout dash.
Deodorize the mattress (you can do this with baking soda. Let it sit for as long as possible, even all day if you can and then vacuum the baking soda off before putting sheets back on. The process takes a long time, but your effort is about 5 minutes, tops.)
Dust knick knacks
Vacuum the carpet/floor
Dry mop the floor (if applicable)
Mop the floor (if applicable. No need to mop if you have carpeting. haha)
Remove cobwebs

My top bedroom cleaning tips:

Wash your sheets once a week. This removes dust mites, sweat and dirt. Cleaning your pillowcases regularly also helps prevent breakouts. Score.
Clean your bedroom before you clean other areas. Most people make their master bedroom the last place they clean (if it even gets clean) but a clean bedroom promotes health, rest and joy. Don't procrastinate.
Wondering what to put in the drawers of your nightstands that isn't junk? How about some cleaning supplies. Leave a few cloths, a duster, some glass cleaner and/or your favorite dust spray. This will make it so much easier to clean your room when you see dust and dirt that you'd normally have to clean with supplies that are stored somewhere else. Make the barrier of entry to clean low.

Bonus points for you:

Wash your bedskirt. This is usually a two person job to get it on or off...which is why it is a bonus. :)
Wash the bedroom curtains.
Dust and/or clean the walls. Did you know you can do this with a dry mop floor cleaner, like a Swiffer? Put a fresh, clean cloth on it and just wipe the walls down with it. SO useful for dusting off the walls without much effort!

Your daily mantra/affirmation

"I'm worthy of feeling comfortable and cared for in my own bedroom. When my bedroom is free from clutter and dirt, I sleep better, I'm dream better and I'm peaceful."

Click the video below for today's burst of encouragement.

We're halfway through and you've already shown some serious improvements and progress. You should be proud of YOU.

Cheering you on, always

xo Kendra

Day 4: The Bathroom

Hello friend!

Here we are on day 4 already. Time is flying by.

Today is all about the bathroom. I know this is a place so many people dread, but funny story about me: I LOVE cleaning bathrooms. It was my favorite thing to do in any home when I had my cleaning business. There is something about making things look shiny and clean in a bathroom that just gives me a sense of accomplishment and joy. I'm weird..I get it.

You can make huge strides in your bathroom by just committing to small tasks. So, here we go. Choose at least 5 and let's do this!

Clean inside and outside of toilet
Clean fixtures (a little tip for fixtures that have mineral build up: soak a paper towel in white vinegar and wrap it around the affected area. Leave for about 30-45 minutes. The vinegar helps to break down the deposits and makes it easier to clean.)
Clean vanity and sink area
Vacuum or sweep floor
Clean tub area (note, depending on the depth of cleaning that needs to be done, the tub and shower may take longer than 5 minutes. However, you can do one area, or spend longer diving into this)
Clean out medicine cabinet
Clean medicine cabinet shelves
Clean all mirrors and glass
Clean windows and sill
Remove cobwebs from corners
Clean baseboards
Clean light switches, doorknobs and area around knobs on doors
Wipe down doors
Clean behind the toilet
Wipe down cabinets
Clean out garbage can/waste basket

My top bathroom cleaning tips:

Spray cleaners onto wet or damp surfaces, especially disinfectant. They work better this way. Just spray down the shower quickly before spraying your cleaners, even DIY cleaners.
Let your toilet brush dry before putting it back into the holder. Simply wedge it between the toilet and the toilet seat with the brush part dripping into the toilet. After 5-10 minutes, it will be dryer and ready to put back with less germs and water to create mildew.
Scrub in circles, but wipe in an S-pattern

Bonus points:

Take down the shower curtain and launder it while you tackle the bathroom
Clean grouting and caulking with a grout brush and a baking soda paste.
Deodorize urine smells (can we say #boymom?) Make a thick paste with baking soda and lemon juice. Smear on the area where the toilet meets the floor, and on toilet seat areas affected. Let is sit for about an hour. Spray with white vinegar (it will bubble and fizz), then lightly scrub with a soft sponge and wipe down. This helps to remove the odors and deodorize.

Your daily mantra/affirmation

"I've been doing the work and seeing the results. I will succeed when I take small, but noticeable steps."

Want to watch the day 4 video for some extra encouragement and support? Awesome. Click the video below.

I cannot believe we are almost done with this challenge.

This is the point when many people throw in the towel. Not you. Keep going. Keep making progress. You've GOT this, mama.

Until tomorrow

xo Kendra

Day 5: All the small things

It’s our last day together! Sad. Well, it’s actually just the end of the challenge, but we are going to stay friends for a while and I have plenty more in store for you!

Day 5 is my favorite, because it’s a little more fun. Yes, I said fun. We aren’t going to be jumping on trampolines or anything, but it can be nice to shake it up and do some of the little things throughout the house that you just usually wouldn’t think about.

Here is a great tip: Focus on areas like entryways, hallways, stairs, guest rooms, laundry rooms, etc. Obviously if you don’t have those in your home, do wherever you like, but it can be really productive if you clean the area rugs in an area like a hallway where you never think to do it.

Again, this is all about YOU and you get to choose. No particular room today, just choose and go:

Clean out garbage cans and waste baskets (soap and warm water will do just fine. If you can, rinse them outside. You can do them all at once and let them dry in the sun. Only a few minutes of your time.)
Clean light fixtures
Wipe down baseboards
Clean area rugs
Move area rugs
Clean window tracks
Wipe down door knobs
Sanitize toothbrushes (you can do this with hydrogen peroxide. Soak for 30 minutes)
Wipe down/clean blinds
Wipe down light switches
Wipe down railing and banisters
Clean garbage disposal (pro tip: make your own disposal tabs with vinegar and lemon rinds. Use an ice tray, freeze and "grind" 1-2 at a time in the disposal. It freshens and clean!)
Sweep front walkway (if applicable and possible, obviously)
Wipe down electronics, like phones, keyboards and tablets
Change your air filters
Clean out your vacuum (wipe out the canister, clean the brush bar out, clean the filter, change out a full bag, etc)
Dust indoor plants
Clean toothbrush holder, soap dish, soap dispenser in bathroom

My top cleaning tips for around the house:

Don’t forget to put these areas into your cleaning routine.
Get your kiddos to help with this day, for sure. Many of these things are super simple and easy for small hands to accomplish and it’s a great time to get them involved.
Remember to sanitize these areas during and after an illness. You don't have to use bleach if that isn't your deal. Hydrogen peroxide is a great disinfectant, as is isopropyl alcohol. Pro tip: Vinegar is not a registered disinfectant, contrary to popular belief. Doesn't mean it isn't a fab cleaner, though.


There are no bonuses for today, because you’re already doing the little things that might otherwise go undone. You rock and you’ve made it 5 days. THAT is your bonus.

Your daily mantra/affirmation

"I am a powerhouse who can do great things. I am worthy of this investment of time I've made and deserve to treat myself!"

Want to watch the last video of the challenge and end on a seriously awesome note? Click the video below for my message to you!