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This class is over. We're sorry you missed it. Check back later for new dates.

Join me May 30, 2018 at 12pm Eastern or 7pm Eastern

That's right. I'm offering two live classes in one day because #motherhood and #timezones, am I right?

This free, live web class will help you to: 

  • Prioritize your life so your to-do lists stay short and sweet (and actually get done)

  • Simplify the way you systemize and organize your home without having to invest in more “stuff”

  • Get started with cleaning routines, even if you’ve never set one up before.

  • Realize the subtle difference between managing and owning your time so you can become the boss of your family’s schedule

  • Delegate and make some simple shifts that will help ensure you get some help around here, mama.


Managing your home does not have to be a constant battle, or a race to perfection. It can be simple and dare I say, fun!

Because I know motherhood and timezones can make these classes difficult to attend, I'll be presenting the class TWICE in one day, live. You have two times to choose from. Attend one, attend both. And YES, there will be replay no matter which time you sign up for. 

Meet your host!

Hey friend!

I'm Kendra, wife to Adam and mom to two kids. I help mamas systemize their cleaning and develop solid routines so that housework doesn't take up the bulk of their time anymore! I am the founder and CEO of Mother Like a Boss and it is my life's mission to help overwhelmed, overburdened mamas find peace in modern homemaking, no matter where they are in their motherhood journey. 

Kendra Hennessy  Mom encourager, lover of modern homemaking, binger of The Office

Kendra Hennessy
Mom encourager, lover of modern homemaking, binger of The Office