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You know how you get in those moods to clean the whole house and take like six hours out of your life to really do it right?

And then – literally 48 hours later – it’s the same disaster it was before.

It’s easy to feel like, “why bother?” most of the time. And then go into Crazy Mode when you’re having company over or the state of your house has gotten so chaotic that you can’t even think straight.

It’s super common to be in that cycle. But it will leave you wondering why things never stay clean and organized. And it will leave you so frustrated about managing a cleaning routine that you simply won’t do it…or you’ll do it, but HATE it.

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Let me ask you…What if it was easy to keep your house clean and organized without spending hours upon hours getting it done? (And without hiring a cleaning service!)

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You can totally have a clean and organized home without spending all your time obsessively cleaning or all your money on a maid service.

I know it doesn’t seem possible right now, but I’m gonna show you how. Chances are you were never taught…

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As much as it might seem like you should just (somehow!?) intuitively know how to keep your home clean, it’s actually a learned skill. And you can learn it, apply it, and start loving it today!

Clean It Like You Mean It is a one-of-a-kind program that will cut your cleaning time in half (at least!) so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy the most! (Plus, you might just learn to enjoy the cleaning part too…now that it won’t take you HOURS!)


What does this program look like?

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First of all, let me just tell you a pet peeve of mine when it comes to cleaning tutorials…videos of people “cleaning” stuff that’s already clean! What!? Like, you’re seriously going to teach me how to clean a stainless steel refrigerator by demonstrating on one that doesn’t have one fingerprint mark on it? What. Is. The. Actual. Point?

So, in Clean It Like You Mean It you’ll get simple video tutorials that are:

  • Easy to follow

  • Created to show you how to clean things that are actually dirty

  • Short (less than 20 minutes each, most less than 10!)

  • Designed to be watched WHILE you clean to maximize time and efficiency

  • Family and kiddo friendly so you can watch while you "mom" and the little ones can learn, too!

Want to take a look at the course before you enroll?

Click the video below for an exclusive sneak peek!

Additionally you’ll have access to the private Facebook group where you can connect with other rockstars to share tips and tricks about how to make your home the best version it can be!

With monthly live calls in the group for Q&A and extra support from me, you'll have everything you need to get and stay on track with the dreaded chore that is house cleaning (and you'll find you don't dread it anymore either...what?!)

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Confidence in your ability to clean and organize your home AND do it consistently (no more excuses!)
  • Learn how to get your spouse and kids on board with the plan so that you’re not the only one doing the cleaning around here!
  • Fill up your cleaning and organization toolkit and always have those resources at the ready
  • A clean and tidy home that you love to live in! (cue the sigh of relief)

What areas of house cleaning are we covering?

What won't be covered! This is an extensive video based program meant to show you the what and the how to house cleaning so you can be efficient and effective. 


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  • Where to begin when you're overwhelmed.
  • Neglected and forgotten areas.



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  • Suggestions and recommendations.
  • DIY cleaners
  • Tools for every job


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  • A look at each room of the house.
  • Detailed videos from the kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedrooms and laundry.


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  • Eliminating perfectionism and procrastination
  • Expressing gratitude (yes, even for cleaning)
  • Changing the way you think about cleaning and home management


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  • Deep cleaning
  • Speed cleaning
  • Routine cleaning



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  • Introducing kids to cleaning routines
  • Chores and tasks best for all ages.
  • All lessons are family friendly and can be watched by everyone!

We're getting into the nitty-gritty of house cleaning

  • The strategy of cleaning your home and in what order to complete every room in.
  • Where to begin and end.
  • What supplies and tools work best in each room.
  • How to create a cleaning caddy full of products you actually want to use.
  • How to teach your kids to clean (they can watch to, ya know...)
  • How to and how often to clean those "I always forget" places in your home.


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Choose the option for "$157”

Choose the option for 2 payments of $85

If they can do it, so can you!

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"It should be available in schools-your courses. They are so awesome!"
-Tamsin Shendi


If you really acknowledge how often you’re cleaning (or even thinking about cleaning), let’s face it: the investment in this program is going to save the most valuable asset you have…TIME. If you can cut down your cleaning time by even two hours a week, what would you do with that two hours? (Golden Girls on Hulu, anyone?)

And if you choose to save that time by hiring a cleaning service, you’re looking at twice the cost of this program for a weekly cleaning. How do I know? Well, because that was my first business.

Oh – by the way – I’m Kendra Hennessy.
Mom. Wife. Business owner. Overall superhero.

Just kidding. I’m a normal person. And really, isn't every mom a superhero? But I do have a ton of experience in cleaning and organizing and know that the stuff I know can change lives. Not in the become-a-millionaire way, but definitely in the actually-love-the-home-you-live-in way. (Which can be just as life changing!)

Being a mom of two littles and having run a successful cleaning business for 10 years, I have the background and experience to help you implement some systems AND thought processes that have the capability to really turn everything around for you. I know because it did exactly that for me!

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Just a few photos of me with my favorite people to show you I'm a real chick, with a real family and real life mom stuff to contend with.

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"I want you to know how much of an impact you have had on my life and what you do is not by any means superficial or not important. Maybe if it was "just" about cleaning or homemaking I would understand -but your message is so so SO much more than that."

"I was "that mom" whose house was always trashed and dirty. You're supposed to clean your baseboards??? Yeh. That mom. I now have a solid cleaning routine that our house follows. And yet, if something is missed, it takes no time to clean and get back to normal. I'm less stressed and know what I need to do in a day."
-Coreen K.

Clean It Like You Mean It is exactly what you need right now if:

  • You’re tired of feeling the overwhelming and exhausting burden of cleaning your home,
  • You want some systems in place to help automate the cleaning process (and help figuring out what systems even work!)
  • Walking into your house makes you short of breath as you look around at everything that you need to clean and organize.
  • You feel like you clean and clean, see little improvement and have to start from scratch every morning. The house cleaning hamster wheel of doom. 
  • The clutter is getting to the point of no return.
  • You feel like you never really learned how to clean and you're just sorta winging it
  • You’re ready to learn how to keep your home looking beautiful without sacrificing every last spare moment.

How would it feel to have more confidence and see results almost instantly?

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What happens after you buy?

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Step 1: Enroll in the course

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Click the "Buy Now" button or choose the payment plan option.

Step 2: Get a detailed email

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Be sure to be on the lookout for an email from me. This has all the details, including how to join the Facebook group.

Step 3: Join the Facebook group

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Come on over to the Facebook group and join in the conversations!

I know, I know – you’ve tried to get this house cleaning thing on point before. And it just didn’t work. But I’m telling you – this program is not like anything else out there right now. I make this stuff so easy you’ll wonder how in the world my hacks didn’t seem so obvious to you before. So if you feel like you don’t have time for this program – just think about all the time you’ll SAVE when you learn how to keep your house Pinterest-worthy in half the time you spend cleaning now!


I know you probably have some questions. Let me answer them for you.

How long do I have access to the program?
Forever, my friend. You have lifetime access, which means as long as the course is alive and kicking on the internet, it is yours. If any updates are made or lessons are added (which I can pretty much guarantee will happen!) you get access without having to pay anything additional.

Can I get a refund?
I stand behind my courses 100% and while I cannot guarantee results, I do guarantee that I have put my all into it. However, I know sometimes, it just isn't the right fit. If you give it a chance, watch the videos, implement and find that it isn't the right course for you, email me back within 14 days for a full refund. 

How is this any different from a YouTube channel? Can't I just watch those?
Of course you can! But here's the thing. I have compiled everything into one spot, categorized by room and tasks, with easy-to-find titles. I created this course out of a decade in the house cleaning biz and come at it from a mom-to-mom viewpoint. There aren't any ads or cutaways to contend with. The videos are to the point and strategic. It's all there, broken down for you in a very easy-to-follow way. I don't know about you, but I have no time in my life to search through tens of thousands of YouTube videos and hope I end up with the ones that don't last 45 minutes. 

Are the videos kid friendly?
Absolutely! You can watch while your kids around or even watch with your kids. While I might make sassy remarks or corny mom jokes, there is no language that would be inappropriate for young ears.

What if I like to clean my house with green and non-toxic products?
Kudos to you, mama! You can use whatever you like. I will show a variety of products and tools, and even show some DIY options. Most of the videos have a discussion about a variety of products you can use. This is not a green-cleaning only course. Ultimately, you can use anything and everything that works best for you.

Do you show us how to clean everything?
It will be pretty dang close, but no, I can't guarantee I will show you how to clean every single thing that has every existed in a home. I have students all over the globe with a variety of house layouts, appliances, furniture and housing material. I do, however, give you an extensive overview of how to clean, what to clean and the strategy behind doing it efficiently. 

What if I'm still not sure?
You can always shoot me an email at to ask me any questions you have!