Clean it like you mean it

A 10 day deep cleaning challenge for moms who deeply dislike cleaning

Oh, I'm so sorry you missed the challenge. Check back again for updates on how you can sign up for the next round, mama!

Cleaning the house is a necessary evil and somedays, you can't decide if it is more necessary or evil. In fact, most days, you'd rather just put on blinders and pretend it really don't need to be done. It feels a burden you can't get away from and worse yet, you're not even sure where to start, what to use, how often to do it, or what needs to be done. What a headache!

Mama, I got you. This 10 day Clean It Like You Mean It challenge was designed with the every-mom in mind, to help you deep dive into the deep cleaning that you've been neglecting for so long. No need to have a love for cleaning, or even have a knowledge of how to deep clean. I'm going to walk you through it all. We're doing this together. And best of all? It is FREE.

So, my friend, are you ready to clean it like you mean it?

so what do you get when you sign up?


Daily emails with prompts, instructions, recommended tools and supplies, and a dose of encouragement from yours truly.


An audio with each email that walks you through the cleaning so you can listen while you do it. No need to read it while you do it.


3 live videos throughout the challenge for extra support, encouragement and a chance to ask your specific questions.

What areas will we be tackling?

Day 1: Clutter
Day 2: Refrigerator
Day 3: Oven
Day 4: Bathrooms Part 1
Day 5: Bathrooms Part 2 (because the bathroom has a lot of areas and intricacies, we're spending 2 days here)
Day 6: Digital files
Day 7: Windows
Day 8: Baseboards and molding
Day 9: Floors
Day 10: All the small things (think garbage cans, door knobs, light switches, oh my!)

The reason I chose the areas I did for our 10 days together is because these are the spaces that can easily get overlooked. Wiping up the kitchen countertops can be done in 60 seconds, but how often are you really taking the time to scrub the refrigerator drawers, or garbage cans, or baseboards in the hallway? Deep cleaning gives your house a feeling of cleanliness far beyond the regular day-to-day tasks.

Kendra Hennessy
home management expert, coffee lover, quoter of The Office

meet your challenge leader

Well hey there, mama. I'm Kendra Hennessy and I'll your cruise director during this challenge. I am the head mom encourager and home management expert at Mother Like a Boss. Before all this, I ran a successful residential cleaning business for 10 years. It's safe to say, I know a thing or two about house cleaning. 

Truthfully, cleaning is not as hard as you may think it is. It all comes down to simple routines, using the right supplies and tools and working in the right order. That's it. Having a clean home isn't the end all, be all of life. We're moms. We can't be spending all of our time scrubbing and wiping. But a clean house is promotes health for our families and takes off a whole boatload of stress from our shoulders.

I've led over 750 students through my courses by giving them solid, easy-to-follow strategies and booty-kicking encouragement. I can't wait for you to join me for this free challenge, mama. Let's do this.



We will be doing this thang together. No mama left behind. That is the real benefit of doing this challenge live; the support. Not only will I hold your hand by giving you exactly what you need everyday in an email and audio lesson, but I will regularly show up live on my Facebook page to answer specific questions and give you extra encouragement.