The Reluctant Homemaker Boot camp

The beginner's guide to uncomplicating modern homemaking

I know you. You're the mom that wants your home to run like a well-oiled machine. You want to wake up, get stuff done and finish a cup of coffee while it is still hot. You want a clean kitchen, an organized closet and time to yourself. You envy the mom who always seems to have it all together. You want the whole enchilada, baby (homemade, too)

It's time to grab your home management schedule by the horns and learn how to eliminate the term "hot mess" from your vocabulary.

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When was the last time you felt like you had it all together?

The truth is, most of us are trying to juggle everything from our house, to our kids, to our partner, to our job, to our friends, to our outside activities, to our own self care (which usually falls waaay down to the bottom of the list.) It's exhausting and watching everyone on social media living their unrealistically perfect lives isn't helping. But what if there were a way to get the tips and strategies you needed to get your home management under control without feeling like you had to be Martha Stewart to do it? It's time to get your homemaker bootcamp on.

The Reluctant Homemaker Bootcamp was created for the overburdened mom who is tired of feeling like homemaking is an elusive unicorn. Truthfully, modern homemaking can be simple, purposeful and done by anyone, whether you learned it growing up and have never once considered using that word.

This bootcamp is your bridge from reluctant homemaker to capable, kick-butt CEO of your home.


This course is set up bootcamp style, hence the name. That means quick lessons and action steps you can take now. No burpees or weights needed here. Leave your sweatband in your gym bag. Feel free to wear your yoga pants, even if you've never done a downward dog in your life.

This course will help you:



Make goals for yourself and your home that set you up for immediate and continued success.

End the 5pm "What's for dinner?" madness


Declutter your physical and mental space and keep it all from creeping back in.

Understand how to set up systems in your home and organize them with ease

Get a sweet cleaning routine in motion so you spend less time worrying.

Get you ownin' your time instead of constantly trying to manage it.

So what do you get when you enroll?

  • Full access to the bootcamp mini course forever. The course never expires.
  • 7 modules packed with 4+ hours of audio lessons. 
  • An entire bonus section filled with 6 videos from a previous challenge. It is packed with over 4 hours of video material with Q&A, extra tips and strategies galore. 

Wanna take a peek inside and get a personal tour of the course? Click the video below.

The bootcamp was designed to be a jumpstart to your home management life. I've made it simple, easy and straight to the point. You learn, you implement, you win. This is a mini version of the much larger Homemakerish U and will give you the quick wins, even if homemaking is so not your thing.


Ready to stop the endless loop of thumb scrolling through Pinterest to find the answers?

Enroll below, mama


So who am I to be teaching this homemaking stuff, anyway?



Well hey there, girl! I am Kendra Hennessy, a home management expert and a mother of 2 spunky kiddos. I have spent a good chunk of my adult life trying to figure out how to do all the things in my home, my business, and with my kids. Through my work as a professional cleaner, I developed some amazing strategies for managing a home more effectively that don't require moms to sit in the kitchen all day cooking 5 course meals or see household tasks as their "duty". To me, homemaking is so much more than pretending to live in a Good Housekeeping magazine. Its all about making your home look and feel more beautiful, more organized, cleaner, happier and less-stressed, all in a way that is unique to your family. In a word, I'm all about being homemakerish.

So, what's the investment for this magical mini course?

That's the best part. You get everything above for only $48!


"The day I first "met" Kendra on a webinar was the day I should have been on my way home from vacation. Instead I was crying on the floor because I was tired of having sick kids and all that it entails. I got on the webinar and somehow just knew things were going to get better. I was right. She's like your best friend who doesn't sugar coat it, is supportive, and is always there if you need her. The course is life changing. I will never see my house the same way again!"

-Coreen Katchermeyer

"You truly have been an inspiration and my family has benefited so much from your courses. Bless you!!"

Michelle Flaugh


Here are some As to your most asked Qs:

How long do I have access to the course? Does it expire?
You have access forever and ever. As long as the course is up and the internet is still a thing, you have it. If anything gets added in the future or the price goes up, you get it and never pay a dime more.

What is your refund policy?
Because of the immediacy of the information you get access to, there will be no refunds issued for this course. 

What if I decide I want to upgrade to the bigger Homemakerish U course? Do you offer a discount?
I sure do, mama. The Reluctant Homemaker Bootcamp is a mini course and is meant to give you quick results and wins, but what about when you know you need to dive in deeper and have a community to support and encourage you as well? Homemakerish U is my signature course meant to do just that. If you go through the bootcamp and decide you're ready to up level, you will receive a special coupon code to use towards it. It's my way of giving you a big, virtual hug and saying thanks so much!